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  • Mercedes Benz Xentry Original Dealer Scanner Diagnostic Laptop Set


Mercedes Benz Xentry Original Dealer Scanner Diagnostic Laptop Set

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These are the same exact scanners used in MB dealerships. 

Includes everything seen in photos

2024 Xentry, Das, Star, Vendiamo, Monaco, and OTX

Xentry, also known as Xentry Diagnostics, is a comprehensive diagnostic software used by Mercedes-Benz for various purposes related to vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting. Some of the specific tasks that Xentry can perform for Benz vehicles include:

1. **Diagnosis and Fault Code Reading:** Xentry can communicate with the vehicle's onboard systems to identify and diagnose various issues. It can read and interpret fault codes generated by different vehicle components, helping technicians pinpoint the source of problems.

2. **Clearing Fault Codes:** After diagnosing the issues, Xentry allows technicians to clear fault codes from the vehicle's systems once the problems have been addressed.

3. **Software Updates:** Xentry can perform software updates and reprogramming for different vehicle modules, ensuring that the vehicle's software is up to date and functioning optimally.

4. **Parameterization and Coding:** The software enables technicians to configure and code various vehicle features and modules, allowing customization of certain vehicle settings based on customer preferences or specific requirements.

5. **Access to Vehicle Systems:** Xentry provides access to the different systems and components in the vehicle, such as the engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, and more. This access allows for in-depth analysis and testing of these systems.

6. **Real-time Data Viewing:** The software can display real-time data from various sensors and systems within the vehicle, providing insight into the vehicle's performance and behavior while it's running.

7. **Component Activation and Adaptation:** Xentry allows technicians to activate or deactivate certain vehicle components and perform adaptations when replacing parts, ensuring proper integration with the existing systems.

8. **Guided Troubleshooting:** The software provides step-by-step guided troubleshooting procedures to assist technicians in diagnosing complex issues accurately.

9. **ECU Variant Coding:** Xentry allows for the coding of different Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in the vehicle, ensuring proper communication between modules and components.

Overall, Xentry is a powerful tool that enables technicians to efficiently diagnose, maintain, and repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles by providing access to a wide range of diagnostic and programming functions.


Star C4(Compact 4-Star Diagnosis Tester)

MB STAR C4 is the professional diagnostic equipment for cars manufactured, it is the replacement of HHT. Compact 4 operates based on the Windows 7 system.

Software Display:

sd connect 4 Functions:

1. 1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart; (support:W204,W212,W207)
2. All electric system Diagnostic; (Do not include flash code);
3. Reading out and erasing trouble code; reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator; testing the components of cars; coding and programming.


English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spainsh, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Serbo,Slovak,Slovenian,Swedish, Turkish 

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Valencia MBZ and VW
Much needed

Saved me tons of money. Thank you! Come by our shop for any MB or VW repairs ask for me Daniel -ValenciaMBZandVW